logo-open Pavilion
It's up to you
A few common UI elements and a grid.
The rest is up to you.
EM & REM the right way
Typography sizes in EM's.
Components in REM’s.
Columns you need
Create percentage based columns
in thirds, fourths and fifths.
Future proof
Build complex layouts with flexbox.
Superiour positioning at your disposal.
Tweak & Build
SCSS & Grunt included.
Tweak and modify as you like.
Only 7kb g-zipped.

A solid starting point

Pavilion was created out of the need for a simple, unopinionated CSS framework, ready for the future. Pavilion is built for front-end web developers who tend to never use the hundreds of pre-made UI components some frameworks ship with. Built for front-end developers who lean towards creativity, exploration and creating UI components themselves from the ground up whilst depending on a solid foundation with future-proof capabilities.

The idea is that pre-made UI elements never really suit your needs for 100%. You’ll end up customizing them anyway. Pavilion lays down the groundwork, the rest is up to you.